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Experienced Brain Injury Professionals

Working with TBI/ABI since 2008, we have experience successfully assisting clients with all kinds of symptoms and facilitating successful rehabilitation despite the unique challenges presented by brain injury. We understand that individuals and their families invest an extreme amount of time, energy, and resources into being successful in their inpatient portion of the rehabilitation journey, and having the opportunity to find the right environment to live permanently is a great and exciting step. We also know that there are often difficulties getting the results from a structured program to transfer into that permanent living environment. Best Direction's mission is to bridge that gap so that all involved have a resource they can trust to navigate this phase of the process. If you or your loved ones are feeling overwhelmed by the demands of living with brain injury, our services aim to reinforce rehab gains, support the care team, and establish a solid foundation for future success. We specialize in behavioral symptoms and teach effective techniques to help care teams better manage the unique stress of brain injury in everyday life.



Personalized Plans

Your experience deserves special attention.

Rehab Transition

4 - 8 Weeks

At BEST DIRECTION we give our clients the valuable guidance and support they need during the crucial transition from inpatient rehabilitation into their permanent living environment. Personal attention from a Certified Life Coach is a great resource for everyone, whether you’re just trying to understand how your new living circumstances will work or you are getting back into vocational and community activities. Schedule a consultation today and ensure lasting results.

Direct Care Training

2 - 4 Weeks

BEST DIRECTION will team up with your current or incoming direct care team members, and using our knowledge, experience, and strategies, give them practical strategies to add to their tool box. Brain injury presents some unique challenges when it comes to daily care. Lean on us to help your team establish comfort dealing with any challenges they may encounter. Get in touch for more information and to book your training today.

Behavior Tuneup

4 - 12 Weeks

Working with BEST DIRECTION is unlike any other support service out there. We understand that each individual case has unique circumstances and needs. Our Tuneup aims to revisit and reestablish specific strategies that were successful and address any new difficulties in order to avoid having interruptions in the individual staying in their permanent living environment. The Tuneup plan gives us the opportunity to address issues such as behavior, motivation, and social interactions. This is why we made the length of this plan as flexible as possible. Contact us and let’s get the ball rolling.

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